Large related party transactions reported by the Wall Street Journal were disclosed in the company's 145 page proxy statement, available for all to see for nearly a year.
We carry supercomputers in our pockets providing access to all of the wisdom of human history, so why has public discourse deteriorated in the…
Geopolitical tensions are rising, calling into question longstanding deep economic ties between the United States and China.
Share repurchases, compensation, ownership, risk disclosures, and board diversity
The current banking crisis has led to calls for the government to insure all bank deposits, but doing so has significant long term implications.
Recent bank failures raise questions about how Berkshire Hathaway and other insurers account for fixed maturity investments.
Many market observers seem to lack an understanding of the effect of rising interest rates on fixed maturity securities.
Apologists for crony capitalism are telling the American people that shareholders and executives of failed banks will be wiped out. The reality is more…
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