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What do you think about their skyrocketing interest expense? They used to spend about $7M in interest expenses in a year. Currently, they spent that amount in a quarter and I wouldn't be surprised if it goes up even more.

A lot of their growth has been financed with debt in the last 2 years. They had ~$230M of debt in 2021 and now it's over $500M. So, they are being hit from both sides: more debt and higher interest rates.

I think it's something you might have missed in your analysis of the latest results.

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"What are some of the problems that could occur in the used car industry if used car prices start to decline precipitously?"

In addition to the items mentioned, I am not sure why I did not include the most obvious potential problem: depreciating inventory.

Inventory has increased a lot in recent years and stood at $145.2 million as of 7/31/22 compared to $36.4 million at 4/30/20 before all of this used car inflation.

Car-Mart is doing more business today than pre-pandemic in terms of unit volume but clearly the balance sheet increase in inventories is mostly attributable to inflation. If there is deflation that occurs in a gradual manner, that's probably ok. But if there is large deflation -- like 10-20% in a month or two -- then perhaps Car-Mart's gross margins will decline significantly and/or a charge for an inventory write-down will occur.

Perhaps investor skepticism regarding the valuation of inventory accounts for the current modest discount to tangible book value.

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