Thoroughly enjoyed the write up!

Curious how EV adoption through 2032 impacts the gasoline business. I have yet to read more about the gasoline business outside of what's in the report. It seems they operate at a much lower margin than merchandise. I'm guessing this also results in lower gasoline prices than comparable gas stations? Interested to see if they can operate EV stations with a similar cost / pricing strategy as the current gasoline model?

In Pilot's case, I understand how transitioning to EV stations will still attract customers to the high margin store products (maybe more so with longer charge times). This same dynamic could help Costco if customers who charge then have to go shop for 30min+. Does the charging advantage stop there? Will EV stations solely provide that benefit (shop while you wait) and no longer attract consumers because the cost of charging is lower?

Just some thoughts on this. Thanks again for the report!

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Nov 15, 2022Liked by The Rational Walk

Thank you, great read and extensive write up. Helped me understand Costco and I am very interested in investing in Costco. However can't justify paling these prices haha

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